Meet my alter egos; C.J. McKay and Dune Elliot. These are both pen names I have published my books under.

C.J. McKay is the listed author of “Life Between My Horse’s Ears”, an autobiography of stories, cowboy poetry and photography from my days working, playing and living on various guest ranches in the west. So many times I was told by guests that I should publish my story after listening to all the things I have done in my life…so I did 🙂

“Life Between My Horse’s Ears” is a full color, coffee-table book that details the stories of my experiences with bucking horses, rude guests, strange requests, beautiful nights, campfires and pack trips to name a few. It can be ordered on Amazon and makes a great, authentic gift from a place where the west is still wild and untamed:

Order from Amazon

Buy “Life Between My Horse’s Ears”

Dune Elliot is my other persona. As Dune Elliot I write and publish epic, adventure fantasy in the vein of J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks and John A. Flanagan. I have always had a passion for myth and magic, sword and sorcery and King Arthur or Middle Earth in books and movies. I am an avid reader and wanted to create stories that I would be interested in and enjoy reading. My first book, ‘Necromancer’, was never particularly original as it was never meant to be published…I simply had fun writing it and watching the characters grow in my head. However, I never expected the world it would open up to me and how much I would fall in love with these characters who had become separate entities, with personalities all their own; they truly ended up writing their own stories…and I was only the tool to get it on paper.

‘Necromancer’ and the sequel, ‘Malys: Demon Rising’, are set in the same world but focus on different main characters. I wanted to create a series that would enable the reader to enjoy each book alone but that had a connection to the others. Granted, it does help to read the first book first but I like that you don’t have to.

Promotional videos on Youtube for ‘Necromancer’ and ‘Malys: Demon Rising’:


Malys: Demon Rising:

If this is the kind of genre you enjoy then please consider purchasing my books, either in ebook format on Amazon or, or in paperback on Amazon. The links can be found below in order to help a struggling artist following their dream:


     Buy ‘Necromancer’ on Amazon

Malys Front Cover thumbnail

Buy ‘Malys: Demon Rising’ on Amazon

Thanks for stopping by, and keep up with my blog as I continue to work on the third book in the series…it’s guaranteed to be epic.



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